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    Retirement 101

      Here are the essentials to know about your retirement plan: What is it? Your employer’s retirement savings plan is a defined contribution plan designed to help you finance your retirement. As a participant in the plan, you own an individual account within the plan that you contribute money to for your retirement. What are the […]

    Five Ways to Expand Your Definition of “Benefits” to Include Wellness

    When we think of employee benefits in today’s traditional landscape, we don’t typically include wellness within that core definition. Instead, wellness is often considered a standalone strategy. But this can be a disastrous scenario, considering how employee benefits and well-being go hand in hand. Most employees think of the two as the same and expect […]

    No Beneficiary Designation. Who Gets The Money?

    According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, retirement plans and IRAs account for about 60 percent of the assets of U.S. households investing at least $100,000.¹ Both state and federal laws govern the disposition of these assets, and the results can be complicated, especially when the owner of the account has been divorced and […]

    Are You Prepared for an IRS Audit?

    The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS’s) Employee Benefit Audit Program is used to audit and enforce. The IRS’s emphasis, with respect to defined contribution plans is on compliance with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code), the plan’s tax qualification and administration of all plan documents. In the event of noncompliance with regulations, the […]

    Behavioral Finance: Can Enhanced Active Choice Help Increase Participation?

    Deferred compensation programs typically offer open enrollment year-round. Employees can choose to participate when they feel ready and motivated to do so. This traditional enrollment method is known as the “opt-in” approach. However, many employers are moving to an “opt-out” or “enhanced active choice” approach where employees are asked to specifically indicate that they do […]

    To Bond or not to Bond?

    Over the last few years, there has been a fair bit of concern in the market over the general impact of rising interest rates.“You shouldn’t be holding bonds because rates will rise soon” goes the logic. But what does this really mean for investors? If interest rates rise, what will ultimately be the impact on […]